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PSIGE Newsletter 113 February 2011

PSIGE Newsletter 113 February 2011

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Quick Overview

Special edition: Older People and Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)

This special edition aims to capture the broadest picture possible of how IAPT is working for older people, by incorporating accounts of what is happening in particular psychological services across the country and views from the Department of Health, commissioners, the Alzheimer's Society, an older adult client and a GP.  



Letter from the Editor
Louisa Shirley

Letter from the Guest Editor.
Julia Boot

Letter from the Chair
Don Brechin

Introduction - Age equality in mental health and older people: An overview
Polly Kaiser

Department of Health overview -Talking therapies for older people
Jackie Ruddock & Kevin Jarman

Age Equality overviews -Where are all the older people? Equality of access to IAPT services
Steve Boddington

Age-equality of access: Why aren't IAPT services doing more about it?
Geraint Price

Commissioners' perspective - Older people's mental health in primary care.
John Ellis & Claire Warner

Training perspectives -IAPT and older people
Steve Davies

Using master clinicians in a local setting as a lever for change
 Angela Harris, Ken Laidlaw, Claudia Coehlo & Linda Irvine

GP perspective -A GP view on the requirements of a Primary Care Mental Health Service for Older People that includes IAPT
Emma Tiffin

Alzheimer's Society perspective - Working together with the NHS: A third sector perspective
Gill Lintott & David Moore

Service examples
Where have all the older people gone ... three years passing? When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn? Still learning lessons in the East Riding of Yorkshire

Clare Hilton, Sven Law & Natasha Edgar

IAPT and older adults: Issues and interventions in promoting equal access to primary care psychology services
Natasha Jakub & Lisa Hulmes

Lessons learnt - implications for the future of Older Adults Primary Mental Health Care
Jim Leadbetter, Susan Hill & David Moore

Graduating from a primary care psychology service to an IAPT service - the Southwark experience
Grace Wong & Steve Boddington

IAPT and people with dementia in residential care- a training programme for Care Home staff
Ross Warwick, John Higgon & Fionnuala Edgar

Later Life Primary Care Psychological Therapy Service - maintaining an identity within Salford Primary and Secondary Care Services
Olga Horgan, Sue Watts & Sharron Mitchell

A data conscious workforce: Top Tips for questions to ask in your IAPT service about older people
Jacqui Ruddock



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