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PSIGE Newsletter 119 April 2012

PSIGE Newsletter 119 April 2012

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PSIGE Newsletter - for Psychology Specialists Working With Older People



Letter from the Editor
Louisa Jackman

Letter from the Chair
Cath Burley

Conceptualisation of Dementia model
Lorna Mackenzie, Mary Clifford, Angela Hope & Ian James

Dementia and the impact on carers
Jennie Duprey

The Happy Crowd
Jessica Osborne & Yvette Kusel

Evaluation of a memory assessment and advisory service in Birmingham, West Midlands
Katharine Mackenzie, Angela Smith & Jan R. Oyebode

Fear of dementia - implications for assessment and intervention in a Memory Clinic Service
Karen B.E. Addy

Care staff's endorsement of national guidelines on the use of non-pharmacological treatments as first-line strategies in the treatment of CB
Bryony MacGregor, Lorna Mackenzie & Angela Hope

An audit and training package of a cognitive screening tool used in a south-east England Memory Service
Kathryn Waters & Andy Russ

Processes underpinning reactivated post-traumatic distress among older adults: A preliminary study
Syd Hiskey

Too thin, too fat or too old to matter? Eating disorders and older adults: An invisible problem?
Clare Wells, Tessa Franken & Alistair Smith

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for an older adult with Borderline Personality Disorder: A case study
Kathryn Waters

The 'little things' that make a big difference on an older adults psychiatric ward
Ross Watson & Charlie Jones

Continued Learning post-training in Psychological Therapies for Older People: Utilising the various functions of an online learning network
Jacqueline Wilson & Angela Harris

A second model of psychotherapy for older people in Scotland: The first national cohort of IPT practitioners who are older adult specialists
Jacqueline Wilson & Pauline Thomson


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