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PsychTalk Issue 61 September 2008

PsychTalk Issue 61 September 2008

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Quick Overview

A collection of psychological papers written by students, for students, during their time at University.




Kate Balla

The Jam

R.D. Laing: Why does his work have limited influence on psychology and psychiatry today?
Caroline Cox

Wakeful sleep: Towards the challenging diagnosis
Karolis Zienius

Coincidence or extra-sensory experience?
Eric Robinson

A picture of health: Art therapy and its implications for mental health
Robyn Taylor

How has the study of visual illusions contributed to our understanding of the processes involved in visual perception?
Sophie Ellis

The Random section

SMG Annual Conference Reviews
Katherine Cartmell
Caroline Cox

The Interview - Linda Papadoupolos
Jennifer Daffin


Book Reviews
Toni Brennan


The 22nd European Congress of Psychology Students
Caroline Cox

A Level students

An undergraduate's guide to getting a degree
Christina Roberts

Final year students

Kate Balla

Guidelines for Contributors

Student Members Group Committee 2007/2008


Additional Information