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PsychTalk Issue 67 September 2010

PsychTalk Issue 67 September 2010

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Quick Overview

A collection of psychological papers written by students, for students, during their time at University.




Editorial - Helen Galliard

SMG Conference 2010 - Jenny Turner & Sophie Bagge


  • Where do psychological categories come from, and where do they go? - Emma Kay Garside
  • Involuntary hospitalisation: A form of social control? - Laura Farrugia
  • Elderly relatives' memory phenomenon - Patricia Karsten
  • Trait theory and personal construct theory - Phil James
  • Undergraduate gambling in males? - Craig Harper
  • Pavlovian conditioning - Katie Wright-Bevans
  • Why does maths anxiety occur? - Fahmida Patel
  • An evaluation of the person-centred approach to counselling - Franziska Valerie Bartz


  • The Psychology of Women Section
  • Being postgraduate students on the POWS committee - Anamika Majumdar & Maxine Woolhouse
  • Contrast the biological differences between heterosexual males and homosexual males - Tavis Ryan King
  • Are Lakoff's and Spender's approaches to understanding language and gender still relevant today? - Rosemanry Lobban
  • In what way did Robert Stoller's psychoanalytic research into sexual aberrations yield new insights into the development of perversions? - Tavis Ryan King
  • Book Review: An Introduction to Masculinities - Sarah Worrall
  • The role of women in sports as they are portrayed within the media - Peter Mann
  • Why I research cisgenderism - and no, it's not a vegetable! An interview with Y. Gavriel Ansara  - Toni Brennan


  • IAPT - my journey finally begins - Ohi Choudhury
  • A focus on careers in teaching psychology - Simon Knight
  • The 39th Welsh BPS Annual Student Conference - Natalie Gough
  • My experience of ... The Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Twelfth Annual Conference 2009 - Natalie Gough

and finally...

  • Letters to the Editor
  • Guidelines for Contributors
  • SMG Committee Members 2009/2010

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