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PsychTalk Issue 68 February 2011

PsychTalk Issue 68 February 2011

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Quick Overview

A collection of psychological papers written by students, for students, during their time at university.




Letter from the Editor
Nikki Newhouse

Meet the new SMG committee

Book Reviews

Music and Change - using psychology to turn crime into grime at MAC-UK
Laura Major tells us about taking mental health out of the clinic and into the community.

British Psychologial Society Annual Conference 2011

Factors affecting food choice
Fahmida Patel explores why we choose to eat what we eat.

Keeping the time without your body clock
Kieran. J. Elliott explores the role of dopamine and methamphetamine in the absence of the Suprachiasmatic Nuclei.

Adolescent Psychotherapy Groups
Becky Judd and Ruth Elsdon talk us through the Assistant Psychologist's experience.

The language barrier in primary schools
Laura Rudd on the linguistic difficulties facing schoolteachers.

Career Report
Rosalind Cooper reflects on her placement with Cardiff & Vale Traumatic Stress Service.

What exactly is a Psychological Well-being Practitioner?
Kirsty Golden highlights some common misconceptions of the role.

Student Profile
Jade Wormersley talks to Amy Moores about life as a psychology student.

If music be the food of colour, read on!
Nicholas Smith explores the powerful phenomenon of synaesthesia.

Regional Information

60 seconds with ... Mark Weetman


Additional Information