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The Psychologist Vol 23 No 5 May 2010

The Psychologist Vol 23 No 5 May 2010

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With the General Election almost upon us, we catch up with Professor Jo Silvester to talk about her work in the selection and development of politicians. Professor Silvester is Director of the Organisational Psychology Research Group at City University London, and she has some timely insights into the similarities and differences between politics and other occupations.
At a time when we are bombarded with declarations of competence by our prospective leaders, it is perhaps appropriate that we also feature the impostor phenomenon: the sense that many of us have that we are just 'winging it'. The author of that piece, Dr Christian Jarrett, is certainly the real deal: he recently won 'Best blog - Psychology' in the international Research Blogging Awards for the Society's Research Digest blog, and our congratulations go to him.

Dr Jon Sutton (Managing Editor)


What makes a good politician?
Jo Silvester talks selection and performance, on the eve of the General Election

Feeling like a fraud   
Christian Jarrett examines the psychology of the impostor phenomenon

Can we salvage the concept of psychological trauma?   
Richard J. McNally has some advice for those revising the diagnostic manuals
The puzzle of blushing   
Ray Crozier on an elusive phenomenon with implications for understanding emotion, expression and social anxiety

Methods: Keeping it simple   
Christopher Peterson and Nansook Park on the lasting impact of minimally sufficient research


Electronic record keeping; educational training; discrimination; and more

News and digest
Fingerprints; Royal Society funding report; Milgram replication; politics and progress; behavioural economics; and nuggets from the Research Digest

Reflections on the recent 'bullying helpline' furore, from Cary Cooper

Book reviews
Street prostitution; active listening; autism; history of neuroscience; self-awareness; and quantitative psychological research

President's column; Research Digest award; the work of the Society's Policy Support Unit; new CRB check benefit for members; and more

A personal view on overthrowing collective impostor syndrome, from Sarah Dale; the light-bulb moment that led Jan Stannard into psychology; the latest jobs, and how to advertise

Looking back
Memories of working with the great Jean Piaget, from Joan Bliss

One on one
...with Sheila Payne

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