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The Psychologist Vol 25 No 2 February 2012

The Psychologist Vol 25 No 2 February 2012

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Never go shopping hungry. Your willpower is sorely depleted, and you stand a good chance of ending up with bags full of impulse buys and a trolley full of treats. That's the implication of research covered in typically fine style by Roy Baumeister in this issue (p.112).

According to Baumeister, psychologists are bringing back the notion of willpower as a limited supply of energy that is used for control and self-discipline. Read on to discover how 'the moral muscle' is implicated in everything from judges' parole decisions to premenstrual syndrome.

I hope you are finding the 2012 additions to The Psychologist engaging and informative. Some welcome and positive feedback on the January issue was directed @psychmag and @jonmsutton in recent weeks. The Psychologist and Digest Policy Committee and I very much want and need this guidance in order to plot our course. We continue to do all in our power to keep everything shipshape, and we need all hands on deck as we set sail for exciting and uncharted waters. Nothing, not even painfully stretched metaphors, can sink us.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor


Self-control - the moral muscle     
Roy Baumeister on willpower and ego depletion

Evolving an identifiable face of a criminal    
Charlie Frowd, Faye C. Skelton, Chris Atherton and Peter J.B. Hancock

A new kind of language    
Paul Ibbotson discusses an emerging radical view of language acquisition

Great expectations    
Jo Green talks to Jon Sutton about birth and more

Methods: Can we be confident in our statistics?
Thom Baguley on the difference between statistically significant and non-significant effects

A-level; e-professionalism; test copyright; horror; obituaries; and more

News and digest
New year honours; neuroscience and the law; dementia audit; polygraph trial; and nuggets from the Society's free Research Digest service

The Leveson enquiry with Mark Sergeant, plus the best of the web in our expanded section

Book reviews
Understanding madness; music cognition; social development; marriage and family therapy; and more

President's column; Lifetime Achievement Award; POSTnote; media training; Leveson Inquiry; out now in BPS journals; and more

Careers and psychologist appointments
We meet counselling psychologist Michael Sinclair and educational psychologist Julia Busch Hansen; featured job; latest vacancies, in print and online

New voices
The neurological and anecdotal evidence to suggest we really can feel others' pain, from Claire Allely in the latest in our series for budding writers

Looking back
The history of the idiographic/nomothetic debate, with Oliver Robinson

One on one
...with Barbara Wilson

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