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The Psychologist Vol 25 No 5 May 2012

The Psychologist Vol 25 No 5 May 2012

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'Whenever I talk about real cases, real lives, the students love it, and it sparks discussion and ideas. There must be some way of showing that our discipline is about people, about personal stories... they are changed by psychology, but they change psychology as well.' So said Dr Catherine Loveday, from the University of Westminster and a member of the Psychologist and Digest Policy Committee. Our discussions led to 'Viewpoints', hopefully the first of many accounts from individuals who have taken part in psychological research or practice. We hear their story, that of the researchers, and also get the perspective of an organisation hoping to make use of the findings.

To complement that series opener, I sought a piece from Dr Alison Lee (Bath Spa University), after seeing her using personal stories to great effect in the Society's student lectures. More than any other science, psychology is about the tales behind the t-tests, and what we can learn from our subject matter. Do get in touch if you could contribute to an increasing reflection on the person in psychological research in The Psychologist.
Dr Jon Sutton

The person in psychological science     
Alison Lee, from her perspective in neuropsychology, argues that psychologists need to get to know their participants

Viewpoints: The cost of caregiving     
The first of a new series focusing on the person in psychological research and practice

Problem solving for personality disorder    
Mary McMurran and Stephen Coupe describe a promising approach

Social anxiety in higher education    
Phil Topham and Graham Russell

The brief alcohol intervention    
Daniel Regan looks at an evidence-based strategy for reducing drinking

Emotional response; impact; theoretical work psychology; Little Albert; and more

News and digest 
Rows over replication; psychoanalysis; security and neuroscience; apps; coercive self-citation; mapping well-being; and nuggets from the Research Digest

Fiona Jones on planned changes to the Society's media and press function; when Ariely met Gladwell; curiosities; and more

Book reviews
Mental models in the novel; modern CBT; dyslexia; House and psychology; and more

President's column; sexual and gender minority guidelines; Big Bang; work-life balance; DSM-5; expert witnesses; Gordon Allport prize; and more

Careers and psychologist appointments
Working in Cambodia, with Angela Simcox; we speak to Kimberley Wilson at HMP Holloway; featured job

New voices
Counting on language in numerical thinking: Cassie Barton with the latest in our series for budding writers

Looking back
Learning disability: from the Devil to DSM-IV, with Chris Goodey

One on one
...with Carole Allan

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