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The Psychologist Vol 32 No 3 March 2019

The Psychologist Vol 32 No 3 March 2019

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We're a forum for a whole choir of voices in psychology. Obviously we love to showcase the work of the most eminent in the field, but we're proud to also offer early writing opportunities to those seeking to be heard for the first time. This year we're looking to nurture a few people more formally, with our'Voices In Psychology' programme (see p.34).

We posed the question 'Why do we need psychology? And what does psychology?', and this month we publish the best responses. We'll be offering some of these authors opportunities and guidance in order to amplify that voice in science communication.

For this year, our question is 'what makes a psychologist?' Does there tend to be anything distinct about psychologists, key to what drives them, common ground which can help drive our discipline forward? See also p.5. As ever,we hope to attract diverse voices. Our revamped 'one on one' spot (p.88) will seek to do the same, by showcasing arandom Society member each issue.

Medication, masculinity and more


Genetics, replication and more

Ideology, learning, drawing and more

Children's friendships
Elian Fink and Claire Hughes

Why do we need psychology? And what does psychology need?
Seven entries from our first 'Voices in Psychology' programme, identifying and nurturing new writing talent

Embrace the unknown
Chris Ferguson washes his hands of 'science laundering'

'There's nothing I'd rather be doing than fighting the corner for people with psychosis'
We meet Emmanuelle Peters

Shining a light on the dark side
Adrian Furnham

We meet Educational Psychologist Juliet Whitehead; and Trevor Powell on a lifetime of achievement

Jobs in psychology
Featured job, latest vacancies

Including an interview with poet Hussain Manawer

Looking back
Graham Davies and Alan Costall on 'mass observation'

One on One...
...with Au Alma

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor


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