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The Psychologist Vol 32 No 12 December 2019

The Psychologist Vol 32 No 12 December 2019

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I write this the day after my eldest son was, for the third time, hospitalised with an allergic reaction. The first, when he was just three years old, nearly killed him. So much changed on that day.

Living with allergy, as parents, is so fraught that I can barely hope to imagine what it’s like for him. So I’m pleased to see our collection of articles, starting on p.28, which consider psychological perspectives on growing from child to adult under the shadow of anaphylaxis. How do young people, and their friends and relatives, balance the urge to protect with the need for independence and to lead a normal life?

There’s loads more on offer this month, as we close out a year in which we have sought to bring you 12 packed, diverse and engaging editions (plus more online extras than ever). After several years of building Content, Channels and Community, the Psychologist and Research Digest team is in good shape and looking forward to an increased focus on Structure, Style, Strategy... and our Society.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor

Homework, birth trauma and much more

Peter Banister

From poverty to flourishing


‘We must turn the tide of Brexit psychodrama’
Michael Smith meets Brian Hughes to hear about his new book

Allergy – insider perspectives
Khadj Rouf and Kathryn Evans on the challenges of parenting children with severe allergies

Growing up with allergy
Audrey DunnGalvin

Can interventions make a difference?
Rebecca Knibb considers attempts to reduce the psychological impact of allergy

‘I haven’t said goodbye to my kids’
Béré Mahoney, Eleanor Bradley, Elaine Walklet and Steve O’Hickey on living with anaphylaxis in adulthood

Telling people together
Nadine Lavan, winner of the Doctoral Research award, on voice perception

‘What really matters’
Ernesto Spinelli, a winner of the Award for Distinguished Contributions to Practice

We meet Paul Grantham of SDS Seminars

Jobs in psychology

With Susan Cousins, Dean Burnett and more

How would you feel if you couldn’t play?

Looking back
Jonathon Rutherford shines a light on ‘what asylums were’

One on one
…with Asweeni Jansdin Raj


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