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The Psychologist Vol 32 No 5 May 2019

The Psychologist Vol 32 No 5 May 2019

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On 1 and 2 May in Harrogate, the British Psychological Society will be holding its Annual Conference. The event features an increased focus on public policy, impact and collaborative working, with an overarching theme of 'the psychological impact.

This reflects the Society's changing priorities. The staff Policy Team is growing, and we meet many of them on p.8 as they address how we can embed psychology in public policy (also the topic of The Psychologist's own 'fringe event' at the Conference).

Fundamentally, equality comes down to how we group people and then how we treat them on the basis of that group membership. That feels like a thread throughout this issue, connecting our lead letter on the Christchurch massacre, Peter Hegarty's cover piece on how we 'other' (p.48), and several other interviews and features.

As ever, it's a packed issue and the months fly by... do get in touch if you think you could contribute!

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor

Leaders, the digital NHS, benefits and more

How can we embed psychology in policy?
We ask the Society's Policy Team

Society awards, report from the ICPS, and more

The placebo effect, and more of the latest research

Dads get sad too
Viren Swami withdrew from his newborn son...

A message of hope and resilience
Clare Jones and Alan Barrett on the development of a Hub in response to the Manchester Arena attack

'We should just be told to try our best'
Laura Nicholson and Dave Putwain on exam anxiety

'An ecological approach to resilience is essential'
Louise Roper hears from Kate Bennett

How do we 'other'?
Peter Hegarty on asymmetries of reasoning

'We are not at a place of full acceptance or equality for trans people yet'
We hear from Robin Dundas

'We need to change the conversation'
Forensic psychologist Terri van Leeson

Jobs in psychology

Reviews, plus we hear from novelist Ewan Morrison

Dame Kelly Holmes

Looking back
David Lewis-Hodgson on the 'will of war'

One on one


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