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Health Psychology Update Vol 11 No 1 2002

Health Psychology Update Vol 11 No 1 2002

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of health psychology.




Claire Hallas & Rachel Murrell

Health behaviours, cognitions and health status in chronic diseases: A symposium review
Gemma Callander

European Health Psychology & DHP Conference - St Andrews 2001

Health psychology and health service research
Zelda Di Blasi

Surviving cancer: Bio-behavioural effects of psychological interventions. Keynote address by Professor Barbara Andersen
Martin Cartwright

Postgraduate Update - Conference reviews
Dejana Braithwaite

Reconstructing Health Psychology: 2nd International Conference on Critical & Qualitative Approaches to Health Psychology
CREATE Workshop on Health

Behaviour Change: Theory & Practice. Are the decisions to exclude health psychologists from posts involving direct patient work valid?    
Andrew Keen

'No one knows what it is?' A profile of health psychology within the NHS    
Pat Russell

The role of a trainee health psychologist working in sickle cell disease
Orla Cummins

The joys of sex (research within an intere-disciplinary research centre)
Richard de Visser

An interview with Steve Sutton
Rachel Povey

Dyslexic patients: Emerging issues
Mark Forshaw

Research in Brief
Kazuyo Enomoto   

Letters to the Editor

Journals Update

Book Reviews


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