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Health Psychology Update Vol 13 No 1 2004

Health Psychology Update Vol 13 No 1 2004

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Quick Overview

Health Psychology Update is designed to serve as a forum for discussion of issues related to the scientific analysis of psychological processes of health, illness and health care and the development of professional skills in research, practice, consultancy and teaching/training.




From global needs to specific behaviours: The influence of needs, motives and goals in the theory of planned behaviour in an exercise context
Jemma Harris

Changing and assessing health behaviours: Examples from work in progress
Nima Golijani Moghaddam, Susan Tomlinson, Tanya Webb & Eamonn Ferguson

Critical community psychology in practice - examples from a chronic pain service
Christine Ward

My experience of Stage 2 training - the Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology at Staffordshire University
Christine Giermer

Division of Health Psychology - Chair's Report, September 2003
Derek Rutter

Report from the Division of Health Psychology Annual Conference 2003
Hilary Bekker

Physical activity - a planned behaviour? A review of the symposium 'Exercise theory and research' at the Division of Health Psychology Annual Conference 2003
Althéa Valentine

Review of the 17th European Health Psychology Society Conference 2003, Kos
Jodie Main

Review of the CREATE workshop 2003, Kos
Melissa Wallace & Sarah Sharma

Review of the SYNERGY workshop 2003, Kos
Lucy Napper

Review of the American Psychological Association Convention - Division 38 Health Psychology - Toronto 2003
James L. Murray


A profile of health psychology at the University of the West of England
Diana Harcourt

Book Reviews

  • Body Image: A Handbook of Theory, Research and Clinical Practice
    Melissa Wallace
  • Neuropsychiatry: An introductory approach
    Keren Fisher
  • Designing and Reporting Experiments in Psychology
  • Keren Fisher

Books for Review

Forthcoming Events

List of Contents - Health Psychology Update Volume 12 - 2003


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