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Health Psychology Update Vol 16 No 3 2007

Health Psychology Update Vol 16 No 3 2007

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Quick Overview

Health Psychology Update is designed to serve as a forum for discussion of issues related to the scientific analysis of psychological processes of health, illness and health care and the development of professional skills in research, practice, consultancy and teaching/training.




Sara Cox & Kerri McPherson

Individual Articles

Researching virtual communities and electronic support groups: Some practical and ethical considerations on the use of message boards
Neil S. Coulson, Sumaira Malik & Phoenix Kit Han Mo

Support, information and identity: Online discussions of male breast cancer patients
Monica McGill & Chris McVittie

Work stress and health behaviour: Daily diary methodology and multilevel modelling
Nicola Payne & Fiona Jones

Developing a qualitative methodology to explore children's perceptions of the road environment
Mariana Bayley & Ken Lupton

Sport, spinal cord injury and body narratives: A qualitative project
Brett Smith & Andrew C. Sparkes

Waking on the operating table: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of anaesthetic awareness
Emma Whitehead, Katherine E. Brown & David Giles

Qualitative themes and individual cases - an approach to combining horizontal and vertical analysis
Harriet Hogarth & Roger Ingham

Establishing the effectiveness of computerised cognitive behavioural therapy for secondary/tertiary mental healthcare service users with and without physical co-morbidities
Despina Learmonth & Sadik Rai

The role of appearance and cosmetic procedures in dental care
David Michael Williams

A PhD student goes to Parliament
Rachel Crockett


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