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Health Psychology Update Vol 17 No 2 2008

Health Psychology Update Vol 17 No 2 2008

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Quick Overview

Health Psychology Update is designed to serve as a forum for discussion of issues related to the scientific analysis of psychological processes of health, illness and health care and the development of professional skills in research, practice, consultancy and teaching/training.




Kerri McPherson

Individual Articles

An examination of the relationships between trait emotional intelligence and health behaviour
Jacqui A. Hart & Gail Kinman

Why don't Health Psychologists work with People with Learning Disabilities?
Hilary Clarke, Rachel Menday & Sophie Doswell

Mirror, Mirror on the wall: A novel way of engaging lay audiences in thought and discussion about body image and appearance issues
Elizabeth Payne & Emily Dawson

Pulmonary rehabilitation: Effects on physical and psychological functioning, and health care use
Polly C.H. Ashworth & Kate M. Davidson

Exploring the role for health psychology in mental health environments
Pauline Martin

Learning, teaching and assessment of Health Psychology MSc courses: Results from a survey
Nicola Payne

The effectiveness of behavioural interventions in obese adults with additional risk factors - findings from a systematic review
Stephan Dombrowski

Observing depression among UK renal dialysis patients
Joseph Chilcot, Ken Farrington, David M. Wellsted & Maria Da Silva Gane

Conference and Committee Reports

Division of Health Psychology - Scotland: AGM and Annual Scientific Meeting
Diane Dixon

Career pathways for health psychologists working in the NHS and non-academic settings
Division of Health Psychology Workforce Planning Sub-committee


Book Reviews

Books for Review


Additional Information