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Division of Neuropsychology Newsletter Vol 12 No 3 Winter 2013

Division of Neuropsychology Newsletter Vol 12 No 3 Winter 2013

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Quick Overview

The newsletter is published quarterly and provides an excellent forum for keeping members abreast of recent conferences, training events and relevant developments for the profession (e.g. PFMQ training, HPC).




Note from the Chair of the Executive Committee
Peter Rankin

Division of Neuropsychology Policy Unit (PoU)
Katherine Carpenter

Neuropsychology International Fellowships Award report
Visiting Fellow: Jwala Narayanan

Division of Neuropsychology Membership Services Unit (MSU)
Jody Warner-Rogers

Survey of Co-ordinating Supervisors for the QiCN
Tracey Ryan-Morgan

QiCN Corner
Isabel Ewart

Division of Neuropsychology Professional Services Unit (PSU)
Gus Baker

Neuropsychology International Fellowships Award report
Visiting Fellow: Ammu Lukose

Dual diagnosis in Acquired Brain Injury: An innovative joint working approach
Joanne Crossley, Gavin Newby, Mahesh Odiyoor & Colin Pinder

Division of Neuropsychology Scotland (DoNS) CPD Training Day
Max Alford

Forthcoming DoN/BPS Learning Centre courses

DON Research Network: How to identify resources to support clinical neuropsychology research: A guide for clinical practitioners
Anna-Lynne Ruth Adlam, Matthew C.H.J. Morrall, Roy Powell

How to attend an international neuropsychology conference: An undergraduate's experience
Briony Westgate

Paediatric Brain Tumour Research Update: International Society of Paediatric Oncology - Europe (SIOP-E) Brain Tumour Group Annual Meeting
M.C.H.J. Morrall & J. Limond

Neuropsychological assessment of patients with locked-in syndrome
Simon Gerhand & Sina Lenherr

Qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology
Ingram Wright

ReMemBrIn: Rehabilitation of memory in brain injuries
Dr Joanne Crossley, Dr Gavin Newby, Dr Roshan das Nair, Prof Nadina Lincoln, on behalf of the ReMemBrIn study team

Getting to know you...
10 questions with Dr Giles Yeates

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