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The Neuropsychologist Issue 1 August 2015

The Neuropsychologist Issue 1 August 2015

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Quick Overview

The periodical is published twice per year and serves as a forum for keeping members abreast of developments in the profession. Each issue includes a selection of articles on applied topics in clinical neuropsychology alongside reviews of conferences and books, member interviews, and updates on developments in the profession.





Jo Iddon

Division News

Comments and opinions


Diagnosing a traumatic brain injury: A multidisciplinary perspective
D. Friedland, M. Gross & A. Green

Psychotherapeutic interventions in brain injury

Positive psychotherapy in acquired brain injury rehabilitation (PoPsTAR)
Jon Evans & Breda Cullen

Acceptance and commitment therapy's value as a neuropsychotherapy
Hamish J. McLeod

Emotionally-focused couples therapy
Giles Yeates

The potential contribution of coaching to neuropsychological rehabilitation
Donata Denny

Jo Iddon

Travellers tales: Developing clinical neurorehabilitation in Iran
Barbara A. Wilson & Jill Winegardner

Service Reviews

Ongoing support needs after brain injury, as reported by a long-term relatives' group
Harriet Maunsell, Andy Tyerman, Sandra Barton & Max Bramley

Practicing as an independent neuropsychologist
Karen Addy

Referral patterns to a specialist paediatric neuropsychology service
Rebecca Ashton, Katherine Carpenter, Emma Staley & Kate Scarff

Conference Reviews

5th Paediatric Clinical Neuropsychology Symposium: Focus On Sports Concussion, Bristol, March 2015
Reviewer: Emily Bennett

Neuropsychology and Mental Capacity Conference, London, April 2015
Reviewer: Phil Yates


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