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OP Matters No 38 June 2018

OP Matters No 38 June 2018

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Quick Overview

A Division of Occupational Psychology publication examining issues in the occupational psychology community.



Robert Goate

Message from the Chair
Julie Freeborn

Division of Occupational Psychology Awards

When illusions become assumptions is when psychometrics fails!
Chris Lewis & Tim Drye

How much 'psycho' should there be in psychometrics?
Geoff Trickey

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: All the discussion distracting from the real issue?
Malcolm Hatfield

Conflict at Work event: Response to consultation on the new Qualification in Occupational Psychology (Stage 2)
Occupational Psychology Qualifications Board and Design Team

Dealing with the return to work process after a mental health absence: A six step toolkit for managers and employees
Joanna Yarker, Rebecca Peters, Rachel Lewis, Emma Donaldson-Feilder, Fehmidah Munir & Robert Blackburn

ISO standards for HR
Helen Baron


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