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Psychobiology Section Newsletter Spring 2016

Psychobiology Section Newsletter Spring  2016

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Newsletter of the Psychobiology Section.




Philippa Jackson

Chair's Column
Richard Stephens

Do so-called inert substances used in experimental and placebo drinks, such as non-nutritive sweeteners or flavour masks, produce differential cognitive effects?
Angela Bonner

The cognitive, cerebral-hemodynamic and metabolic consequences of acute resveratrol consumption
Tim Eschle

The Dissociated Self
Hayley Dewe

Psychobiology Section Summer Intern: Update
Sarah Lambert

Psychobiology Section Annual Conferences at the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel: Some fond reminiscences
Andy C. Parrott

Psychobiology Section 33rd Anniversary Annual Scientific Meeting 2016

Psychobiology Section Committee

Psychobiology Mission Statement

Psychobiology Section Membership Form


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