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Psychotherapy Section Review No 49 Spring 2012

Psychotherapy Section Review No 49 Spring 2012

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Quick Overview

The Section and its publication, Psychotherapy Section Review, is the main forum within the Society for psychologists and others who share an interest in psychotherapeutic psychology. It is concerned with the relationship between psychotherapy and psychology, and seeks to further an understanding of how social and cultural factors have a bearing upon psychotherapeutic theory and practice.




Adrian Hemmings & Rachel Varley

Physician heal thyself - Psychotherapy Section conference 2011
Angela Douglas

How our patients make us ill
Robert Hale

'Heal thyself' or 'know thyself'?
Diana Voller

Why we find it difficult to ask for support in teams and organisations
Phil Hartley & David Kennard

Work/life balance - or life/life balance?
Ho Law

A workshop on the psychodynamics of supervising and being supervised
Mary Brownescombe Heller

Challenges facing psychotherapists in times of economic and political change:
PsyPAG Psychotherapy Section Symposium July 2011 - Introduction

Angela Douglas

Paper one: Compuertised cognitive behavioural therapy (CCBT) for depression
Kate Doran

Paper two: Short-term psychodynamic psychotherapy (STPP)
Susan Hajkowski

Paper three: Psychotherapists and identity fluency
Diana Voller

Paper four: Audience feedback
Fleur-Michelle Coiffait


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