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Psychotherapy Section Review No 55 Autumn 2015

Psychotherapy Section Review No 55 Autumn 2015

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Quick Overview

The Section and its publication, Psychotherapy Section Review, is the main forum within the Society for psychologists and others who share an interest in psychotherapeutic psychology. It is concerned with the relationship between psychotherapy and psychology, and seeks to further an understanding of how social and cultural factors have a bearing upon psychotherapeutic theory and practice.




Letter from the Editor
Terry Birchmore

Letter from the Chair
Ho Law

Summary of Psychotherapy Section Membership Survey
Steve Heigham

Recent rhetoric in the NHS: Reflections on the language of marketed care
Miller Mair

The privatisation of madness
Elizabeth Cotton
Comments for re-publication of books by D.J. Smail
Susan Llewelyn

The hidden neglect and sexual abuse of infant Sigmund Freud
Simon Partridge

The First World War - shell shock's forgotten psychologists
Alistair McBeath

Mirroring, infancy, and mentalisation
Terry Birchmore

Mentalisation: Another view
Steve Heigham

What happens to psychological depth in brief-term therapy with trainee integrative therapists?
Dr Magda Evans

Group therapy and eating disorders
Anastassios E. Koukis

Hidden in plain sight
Erica Brostoff

Book reviews

  • The Paradox of Internet Groups: Alone in the presence of (virtual) others
    By Haim Weinberg
    Reviewed by Carla Penna
  • Psychotherapy: A Very Short Introduction
    By Tom Burns & Eva Burns-Lundgren
    Reviewed by Rachael N.M. McPherson and Terry Birchmore

Citations and abstracts from other journals
Terry Birchmore


Additional Information