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Psychotherapy Section Review No 56 Winter 2015

Psychotherapy Section Review No 56 Winter 2015

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Quick Overview

The Section and its publication, Psychotherapy Section Review, is the main forum within the Society for psychologists and others who share an interest in psychotherapeutic psychology. It is concerned with the relationship between psychotherapy and psychology, and seeks to further an understanding of how social and cultural factors have a bearing upon psychotherapeutic theory and practice. This issue is a special issue concerning Ethics in Psychotherapy




Letter from the Editor
Terry Birchmore

Letter from the Chair
Ho Law


Looking back: George Kelly and the Garden of Eden
Trevor Butt

Psychological distress: Found or made?
Trevor Butt

The value of metaphor in psychotherapy
Laura Prins

Special Issue: Ethics in Psychotherapy

A practical ethics approach to boundaries and multiple relationships in psychotherapy
Jeffrey E. Barnett

Psychotherapy supervision: Ethical considerations and resources
Virginia Brabender, Linda Knauss & Elizabeth Foster

The enigma of ethics
Janet Haney

Clinical Psychology/Psychotherapy: A virtuous profession? Reflections on Alisdair MacIntyre's After Virtue
Damian Gardner

The perversion of the professional caring relationship
Felicity de Zulueta

Psychiatry, psychology and social values
J. Richard Marshall

Big Pharma(kos): The stigmatised scapegoat of medicalisation and the ethics of psychiatric diagnosis
Brent Dean Robbins, Justin Michael Karter & Kevin Gallagher

The recovery of psychiatry: The cynical and corrupt takeover of psychiatry by Big Pharma and the APA
Robert A Berezin

Ethics in group therapy
Compiled by Terry Birchmore

Book review

After Virtue (3rd ed.)
By Alasdair MacIntyre
Reviewed by Peter McMylor

Citations and abstracts from other journals
Terry Birchmore


Trevor W. Butt (1947-2015)
Viv Burr & Richard Bell

In memory of Trevor Butt
Dr Meg John Barker

An appreciation of Trevor Butt
Ralph Goldstein

Band of Brothers (and Sisters)
Cassie Cooper

Trevor Butt - a personal recollection
Vic Sedlak


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