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QMiP Bulletin Issue 23 Spring 2017

QMiP Bulletin Issue 23 Spring 2017

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Quick Overview

The Qualitative Methods in Psychology Section Bulletin comes out twice a year and includes forthcoming events, reviews of conferences of interest to qualitative psychologists, stories of new initiatives for raising the profile of qualitative methods, research reports, book reviews and more.




Alexandra Kent

Message from the Chair
Peter Branney

View from the Top

Self-help as an activist-academic research project
Meg-John Barker

QMiP Conference

2013 QMiP Conference keynote - Subjective stories and social issues: Strategies for making connections
Kathy Charmaz & Shelia Katz

2015 event review
Deborah Rodriguez

QMiP Conference 2017 - A Message from Sarah Riley
Sarah Riley

Discussion Piece

The 'innocent collection of details' and journal requests to make qualitative datasets public post-consent: Open access data, potential author response and thoughts for future studies
Peter Branney, Maxine Woolhouse & Kate Reid

Research Paper

The lady of shalott: Insights gained from using visual methods and interviews exploring the lived experience of codependency
Ingrid Bacon

Methodological Pieces

The use of Skype and telephone interviews in sensitive qualitative research with young people: Experiences from the ROCCA continence study
Katie Whale

Exploring the experiences of parents of adolescents diagnosed with depression: A methodological journey
Emily Stapley

The careful stone-turner: Thinking about ethical tensions arising in an autoethnography of childhood emotional neglect
Angela Blanchard

Book Reviews

Contemporary British Autoethnography
Reviewed by Angela Blanchard

Digital Tools for Qualitative Research
Reviewed by George Jennings

Practising Research: Why You're Always Part of the Research Process Even When You Think You're Not
Reviewed by Eve Rapley

The Research Interview: Reflective Practice and Reflexivity in Research Processes
Reviewed by Catherine Aicken

Event Review

Dementia and Imagination: End of project conference, Wellcome Trust, London, 31 January 2017
Reviewed by Katherine Taylor


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