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Social Psychological Review Vol 19 No 1 Summer 2017

Social Psychological Review Vol 19 No 1 Summer 2017

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of social psychology.




A word from the Editor
Catherine Lido

A word from the Chair: ‘Only Briefly’
Renée Bleau

The Social Psychology Section Conference: ‘What has been, what will be’
Cordet Smart & Daniel Jolley

SPSSI-UK - Bringing empirically sound research to bear on public policy and debate
Natasha A. Brigham

‘It don’t matter if you’re Black or White’?: Aversive racism and perceptions of interethnic romantic relationships
Keon West, Robert Lowe & Victoria Marsden

Measuring patient satisfaction: Insights from social psychology
Christos Daramilas & Rusi Jaspal

A review of ‘Media Effects and Society’ (Perse & Lambe, 2017).

Reviewed by Sharon Coen

A review of ‘Competing Motives in the Partisan Mind: How Loyalty and Responsiveness Shape Party Identification and Democracy’ (Groenendyk, 2013).
Reviewed by Sammyh Khan

A review of ‘Social Psychology of Emotion’ (Ellis & Tucker, 2015)
Reviewed by Joe Ford

An Interview with Tom Gilovich on ‘The Wisest One in the Room’ (Gilovich & Ross, 2017)
Interviewers: Catherine Lido & Shelley McKeown Jones


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