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Social Psychological Review Vol 20 No 1 Spring 2018

Social Psychological Review Vol 20 No 1 Spring 2018

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of social psychology.




A word from the Editors
Laura K. Taylor & Shelley McKeown Jones

A word from the Chair
Clifford Stott


The national flag: An agent of prejudice?
Joseph Muscat & Mary Anne Lauri

Experiences of musical performance anxiety in final-year undergraduate music students: An interpretative phenomenological analysis
Georgina Robinson & Dennis Nigbur


Finnish Social Psychology Conference: Social Psychology of History and History of Social Psychology
Reviewed by Philippa Carr

Intergroup Contact Theory: Recent Developments and Future Directions (Vezzali & Sofia Stathi, 2017)
Reviewed by Jon Harper

Tolerance: The Glue that Binds Us: Empathy, Fairness and Reason (Witenberg, 2016)
Reviewed by Manuela Thomae

Social Psychology Section Annual Conference Report 2017
Reviewed by Cordet Smart

Postgraduate column
Becky Scott

Disseminating social psychological knowledge and making an impact
Reviewed by Kimberley Hill


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