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QMiP Bulletin Issue 26 Autumn 2018

QMiP Bulletin Issue 26 Autumn 2018

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Quick Overview

The Qualitative Methods in Psychology Section Bulletin comes out twice a year and includes forthcoming events, reviews of conferences of interest to qualitative psychologists, stories of new initiatives for raising the profile of qualitative methods, research reports, book reviews and more.




Cheryl Hunter

View from the top

Using qualitative methods for digital intervention development: State-of-the-art and current debates
Lucy Yardley

Peer-reviewed articles

The Person-Based Approach in practice: Methods for intervention development
Anne E. Ferrey, Katy Sivyer, Kate Greenwell & Teresa Corbett

Online qualitative methods - challenges and opportunities
Joanne Lloyd

Reflecting on the ethics of qualitative Twitter research
Catherine V. Talbot

External society announcement

ESPLAT: A new society for enhancing learning and teaching in Psychology
Sally Wiggins

First steps

Research projects
Josephine Biglin & Andrew Keating

Event reviews

'Being an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis researcher: Reflecting on ways to engage phenomenologically and hermeneutically with our participants' lived experiences': A talk by Virginia Eatough, North-West IPA group, Salford University, 21 February 2018
Review by Julie Connolly

Quiet voices: Notes from the International Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Conference, Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland, 18-19 May 2017
Review by Liz Gauntlett

'Reflexivity in Theory, Research and Praxis: Situated, relational, emotional and embodied' seminar London South Bank University, England, 4 May 2018
Review by Lauren McAllister

We have much more we can learn from each other: British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Research Conference, London, 11-12 May 2018
Review by Richard Knight

Book review

Collecting Qualitative Data - A Practical Guide to Textual, Media and Virtual Techniques. Edited by Virginia Braun, Victoria Clarke and Debra Gray
Review by Jennifer Taylor


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