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The Psychologist Vol 32 No 1 January 2019

The Psychologist Vol 32 No 1 January 2019

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There's nothing like an Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society's Psychobiology Section for bringing on my impostor syndrome... it can be pretty high-end stuff, and this year I bashed out a report on the train home (see psychobio18), terrified that any grasp I had on it all was slipping. But they have always done an excellent line in keynote speakers who can engage and inform our wide audience, and this year was no exception: I hope you will join Sarah Garfinkel and John Cryanon their fantastic voyages through brain, heart and gut.

Later on in the issue there's a bit of a memory theme, in the form of interviews with Alan Baddeley and with sisters Hilde and Ylva Østby. And Father Christmas makes a festively timed appearance in our 'Looking back'.

Also this month we shine a spotlight on a man who has been working away behind the scenes of the BPS for more than 20 years now - our Assistant Editor Peter Dillon-Hooper. Happy retirement, Peter, you've earned it.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor

The Brexit 'carnival'; fossil fuel divestment; offending labels; and much more


Suicide; security; obesity; and more

The latest research

Transforming knowledge about human behaviour
The Human Behaviour Change Project team on a unique collaboration between behavioural and computer scientists

More than a gut feeling
John F. Cryan on our microbial world

'It's an intriguing world that is opening up'
Our editor meets Sarah Garfinkel

One on one
with Peter Dillon-Hooper, our retiring Assistant Editor

We hear from Thea Fitch about her work at the Recovery and Wellbeing College; and from Tony Page on the role of writing in psychology.

Jobs in psychology

Including Alan Baddeley

'The rain turned into tiny bits of gold falling from the sky'
We talk memory with Hilde and Ylva Østby

Including Uta and Chris Frith on 'Modern Couples'

Eye on fiction
Martin Milton on 'A Little Life'

Looking back
...on the Hawthorne Studies

A to Z


Additional Information