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The Psychologist Vol 33 No 5 May 2020

The Psychologist Vol 33 No 5 May 2020

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Whenever you write an editorial, you’re unsure of the world your words will land in when they hit the doormats in two to three weeks’ time. But never has that been more true than now… as I compose this, I have no idea how coronavirus will have continued to spread, infecting so many aspects of our daily lives. I can’t even be sure we will be able to get this issue to you (in hard copy, anyway).

At the moment we continue to work remotely. We have been blown away by the contributions of psychologists to the frontline response, to evidence-based perspectives for our website, and to attempts to ‘stay together apart’ by maintaining important social identities in times of distancing. We thought that the best approach to this edition, in uncertain and changing times, might be toreflect those contributions before moving on to the sunnier uplands of play, laughing babies, compassion, heroism, art and more.

We’re reaching out from afar, and thank all of you reaching back and out.

Dr Jon Sutton
[email protected]

News and views
COVID-19 special, and more

Matt Warren on a pandemic research response

‘Science is a world without walls’
Zoe Sanderson meets EAWOP President Frederik Anseel

Learning in unexpected places
Elian Frank and Jenny Gibson on the importance of play in childhood

A golden age of play for adults
Dave Neale on a growing yet under-explored area

'Babies really enjoy being babies'
Casper Addyman talks laughter

Compassion: the essential orientation
Tim Anstiss, Jonathan Passmore and Paul Gilbert

A hero by any other name
Robert MacRory-Crowley and Kevin O'Malley on heroism science

'Psychologists must argue for human beings'
Alison Clarke, Society Board chair

Jobs in psychology
Featured job, latest vacancies

Online peer engagement in adolescence; leadership reputation; plus reviews

A road to art therapy in six works
Sue Holttum brings lived experience and applied psychology to art therapy

On Being, and more

Looking back
Jack Chalkley on Monte Shapiro and ‘the lost clinicians’

One on one
Edward Ong


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