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The Psychologist Vol 33 No 6 June 2020

The Psychologist Vol 33 No 6 June 2020

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Thank you for all your messages about our May edition. We had to adapt quickly to remote working, and we changed a lot of the content at the last minute in an attempt to strike the right tone… so your thoughts, and photos of you reading the magazine in lockdown, were much appreciated.

This month, it’s more a case of aiming for ‘business as usual’. We do showcase the Society’s response to coronavirus (see p.2), and you can Þnd dozens of perspectives on our website. But mainly we’re content to get a ‘standard’ issue out, while we also work hard on a special July/ August edition which will look ‘towards the new normal, and beyond’. We recently hosted a webinar on that topic, which you can watch at Keep up with all our news/events by following us on Twitter @psychmag.

Also looking to the future and a ‘compelling vision’ is Dr Hazel McLaughlin, who begins her stint as Society President soon. Meet her on p.8.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor

Covid-19 update; ethics; Member Connect; and more

Society President
Hazel McLaughlin takes over at the end of June

Brexit, suicide and more

Marcia Worrell; Aidan Moran; Reuben Conrad; Janet Carr; Keith Wesnes

Sleep; running; and more

Walk in my shoes
Liam Cross gets in sync in search of solutions to intergroup conßict

Supporting parent carers
Joanna GrifÞn

‘We are interested in how the clock breaks down’
We meet Stephany Biello

Psychology has a sexual harassment problem…
…and tackling it requires reckoning with the past that brought us here, argue Jacy L. Young and Peter Hegarty

Realms of recognition
Rupert Brown considers the life and legacy of Henri Tajfel

‘We cannot continue to be part of environments that perpetuate inequality’
Anne Templeton on building inclusive supervision

‘You need to talk to people who are at the coalface’
Debra Malpass, BPS Director of Knowledge and Insight

‘Putting individuals at the centre of health care means something different’
We meet Dean Fathers

Jobs in psychology
Featured job, latest vacancies

We talk educational psychology with Paul Kirschner; and hocus pocus with Richard Wiseman

Hilda; DEVS; Theroux; more

Looking back
Matthew Adams revisits Pavlov’s labs from a dog’s perspective

One on one
…with Raffaele Presti


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