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The Psychologist Vol 33 No 2 February 2020

The Psychologist Vol 33 No 2 February 2020

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It may not have escaped your attention that I like to apply an intellectual sheen to these columns, by simply picking up some old, classical thread and spinning an extended metaphor about what we’re trying to do on The Psychologist. The presence of Sisyphus on our contents page, thanks to him inspiring one of our poetry competition winners (p.24), should give me plenty of material. Producing a monthly publication – increasingly a daily one online - can feel like a Sisyphean task.

But in fact, to make this link would be self. aggrandising (ironically, a character trait that got Sisyphus in trouble in the first place). Such tasks are laborious and futile. What makes it easier for us to ‘begin again’, pushing that rock up the hill, is the helping hands - from our small team to so many of you. The January issue featured the voices of more than 50 psychologists. We’re very proud of that.

In recent years we’ve aimed for more diversity, of content and contributor. Please engage, to help us reach new heights.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor

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Digest Activism, and the latest research

A beginning, and change, if you dare to look...
The winners of our annual poetry competition

‘Even after the worst possible days, what’s sustaining is the connection’
We meet forensic and clinical psychologist Yvonne Shell

Child interpreters
Sarah Crafter and Humera Iqbal on language brokering in immigrant families

Victimised all over again
Hannah Jones

‘There is a spectrum of responses to killing far-off enemies’
Peter Lee on drones

Rebuilding lives in the recovery college
Eloise Stark

‘We need a transformation in how we regard difference, diversity and inclusivity in psychology’
We meet Zenobia Nadirshaw

‘If they succeed, I succeed; if they fail, I fail’
Anna Naumenko on working with start-ups

Jobs in psychology
Featured job, latest vacancies

Suzi Gage on drugs, and more

We go to the musicals...

One on one
...with James Lewis


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