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The Psychologist Vol 23 No 1 January 2010

The Psychologist Vol 23 No 1 January 2010

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Stuart Milk, nephew of gay rights pioneer Harvey Milk, once said: 'We are less when we don't include everyone.' Mark Hayward, writing in this special issue, calls on psychologists to 'work beyond the consulting room to play an active role in building bridges between the marginalised members of a given community and the key stakeholders who can create opportunities for inclusion'.
Social inclusion also involves breaking down the 'them and us' dichotomy, and considering what it means to be a good person and professional: the topics of our other articles in this packed new year issue.

Social inclusion

Mark Hayward, Elizabeth Holford and Peter Kinderman introduce a special issue 

Fabian Davis talks to Naomi Eisenstadt  22

Geoff Shepherd on demand and availability of mental health services in prison 

Catherine Sholl, Juan Korkie and Dave Harper challenge teenagers' ideas about mental health

David Carew, Richard Birkin and David Booth on the government's employment policies

Fabian Davis on sustaining the 'magic' - the secret ingredient that enables people to 'bounce' back as active citizens


Aiming for excellence as an applied psychologist   
Narinder Kapur and Barbara A. Wilson outline 15 'pillars' to support you

'Them and us' in mental health services   
Christina Richards looks behind the dichotomy and calls for change

Ensuring course standards; dying at work; community psychology; statutory regulation; clinical training; psychology in Argentina; your boss and stress; and more

Childhood conduct; sleep-related automatism; prize-winning brains; reports from the Society's student lectures and therapy in the NHS events; and much more

Presenting science stories on Australian radio, with John Bradshaw

Book reviews
Children and teenagers with Asperger's; attachment disorder; paranormal belief; prosocial behaviour; and philosophy of psychology

President's column; Award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Psychology; DOP flashmob; ethnic diversity and the workforce; and more

A view from the outside on recurring themes in our 'Careers' features; counselling psychology and ballroom dancing; featured job and all the other latest vacancies; and how to advertise looking back
A peculiarly influential and controversial 1920s employment test, from Thomas Edison, by Paul Collins; plus an account of how it felt to resist Milgram

Looking back
Creative genius in classical music, with Dean Keith Simonton

One on one
...with Clive Fletcher


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