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The Psychologist Vol 23 No 2 February 2010

The Psychologist Vol 23 No 2 February 2010

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When I left academia for this job, I was plunged into a world of fonts, leading, kerning and the like. Most people know that such design elements can affect how fluently we process new material. But did you know that this can, in turn, inform judgements we make on truth, risk and beauty? In this issue, Hyunjin Song and Norbert Schwarz guide us effortlessly through some weird and wonderful research.
Talking of which, this month sees the first spread of material from the Society's Research Digest. Last year,the Research Digest blog reached the top 10 science blogs in the world, yet many of our readers are still not signed up to the regular, free e-mail. We hope that regularly showcasing some of the best material from the Digest will draw more of you to the blog, and free up a bit of our journalist's time to produce more excellent features.  

Dr Jon Sutton (Managing Editor)


If it's easy to read, it's easy to do, pretty, good, and true
Hyunjin Song and Norbert Schwarz on fluency effects and judgement, choice and processing style

Flashmobs; Down's syndrome; cannabis gateway effects; HPC registration; role of educational psychologists; and more

Crowd psychology; mental health policy; 'Rain Man'; water use event report; Royal Society at 350; and more

In the first of a new series of nuggets from the Society's Research Digest, we cover temptation, doodling, career transitions and destination memory

Harriet Gross on getting the psychological message across

Mirrors and the mind    
Marco Bertamini has some surprising reflections

The need for a physical education    
Matthew Y.W. Kwan and Guy Faulkner on the decline in physical activity in the transition to young adulthood, and the methodological challenges

Interview: Scams, squirrels and drug money    
Stephen Lea talks to Lance Workman about his work with humans and other animals

When correlations go bad: Thomas Baguley cautions against the careless and routine application of standardisation in psychology

Book reviews
Doctoring the mind; human potential; applied sport psychology; research methods in applied settings; memory rehabilitation

President's column; lifetime achievement award; and more

An interview with Richard Bentall; work experience; featured job; and more

Looking back
The historical story is key to being a good scientist, argues Roger Smith

One on one
...with Jennie Lindon

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