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The Psychologist Vol 23 No 4 April 2010

The Psychologist Vol 23 No 4 April 2010

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At a recent conference I attended, a speaker mentioned psychologist Denise Rousseau's project Science you can use. The annual series would provide answers to practical questions of interest to practitioners and policy makers. Apparently the first round of well-intentioned submissions had led to the reaction 'We have a problem - academics are not good at writing this kind of article'.
Well, I hope that this issue showcases The Psychologist as a forum for this kind of writing. We hear from psychologists working with the homeless (p.284) and the former APA President who commissioned a Task Force on the topic (p.275 and p.360). Rhiannon Turner outlines novel ways to improve intergroup relations; Sarah Davidson describes her work with the British Red Cross in Haiti and other places; and Vaughan Bell talks to Teresa Pacheco Tabuenca about emergency response in Madrid (p.308). All psychologists making a difference, with science - and a publication - that you can use.  

Dr Jon Sutton (Managing Editor)


Helping the homeless
Christian Jarrett examines psychology's response to a disturbing social problem

The nonexistent purpose of people    
Jesse Bering asks whether our minds have evolved to see humans as artefacts

Deferred imitation in children and apes: Children imitate after a delay, but can apes ape in a similar fashion?
Lydia M. Hopper looks at the evidence

Imagining harmonious intergroup relations    
Rhiannon N. Turner on her Doctoral Award-winning research   

Psychosocial support within a global movement    
Sarah Davidson on the work of the British Red Cross

Emergency response psychology in Madrid    
Vaughan Bell talks to Teresa Pacheco Tabuenca


In defence of the flashmob; Down's; medicalising pregnancy; and more

News and digest
The sexualisation of young people; flexible working; homelessness; DSM-5; back pain; inquests on 'radiation deaths'; morsels from the Research Digest; and more

Making our science visible: Jeremy Horwood on the virtual revolution

Book reviews
Illusions with Richard Gregory; women leaders; phobias; and more

President's column; alcohol in Scotland; men's health; Welsh taster; and more

Cognitive psychology, teaching and research with Catriona Morrison; psychology and human rights

Looking back
Blindsight in hindsight, with Larry Weiskrantz

One on one
...with James Bray

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