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The Psychologist Vol 26 No 10 October 2013

The Psychologist Vol 26 No 10 October 2013

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Although, like many, I'm fascinated by superheroes, I do worry that life with a superpower wouldn't be all glamourous hideouts and cool gadgets... with great power comes great responsibility, and with two kids I've got plenty of that already. Until I find my inner caped crusader it's not a concern, but some people with what we might call 'super powers' - extremely high levels of traits or abilities - already walk among us. What's it like for them? How are people augmenting their bodies and minds? When confronted with extraordinary claims, how should psychologists respond? We tackle these questions and more in our 'super' issue.

Also this month, I must welcome the many new students receiving this issue as a gift from the British Psychological Society as they set out to fulfil their destiny as heroic psychologists. Add to your armoury at and our extensive archive at; set your spidey-senses tingling by following us @psychmag and @researchdigest on Twitter; and recruit a trusty sidekick at

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor


From the Research Digest
We meet people who have or research 'super' abilities

The age of the superhuman
Christian Jarrett gets to grips with cyborgs

'I never forget a face!'
Josh P. Davis, Ashok Jansari and Karen Lander investigate super-recognisers

Who will become a 'super artist'?
Jennifer E. Drake and Ellen Winner consider the significance of exceptional drawing skills in childhood

The super-altruists
Tom Farsides considers whether there is such a thing, and its potential cost

Big picture: Meet the real-life superheroes

Would you want a super memory?
A blessing or a curse? Catriona Morrison asks mnemonists and those in the field

Searching for superhuman
Chris French navigates the outer limits as he investigates extraordinary claims

Decline in psychotherapy; the happy mirror; a school with a difference; children's sedentary lifestyles; police super-recognisers

President's column; Presidents' Award 2013; Self-help books on prescription; AllTrials Campaign; and more

Careers and appointments
We talk to Rhonda Cohen Head of the London Sport Institute at Middlesex University; and to environmental psychologist Birgitta Gatersleben; and third-year PhD student Mark Taylor turns the tables on his supervisor Angelica Ronald

The usual mix of books and other media reviews, including a review of Robin Rosenberg's book Our Superheroes, Ourselves

New voices
Detecting lies about intentions; Lara Warmelink with the latest in our series for budding authors (see for information)

Looking back
Treasures of knowledge: Keiran McNally on psychology, schizophrenia and the making of a modern concept

One on one
...with Chris Cullen


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