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The Psychologist Vol 26 No 12 December 2013

The Psychologist Vol 26 No 12 December 2013

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What does the term 'psychology of science' mean to you? Gregory Feist's article (p.864) introduces the psychological study of scientific thought and behaviour as a developing field of study. He takes a broad definition of science, from childhood inquisitiveness to formal scientific endeavour, and invites us to consider ways that the various subdisciplines of psychology can help us understand the scientific process and thereby perhaps improve the pursuit of science itself.

Also in this issue Maggi Evans (p.874) challenges us to think about the full range of career options available to women as positive choices. One woman who has clearly made some positive and successful career choices is Uta Frith, known for her pioneering work on autism. Read our interview with her on p.880.

This December issue completes a year in which we introduced an extended reviews section, going beyond just books to embrace all kinds of cultural offerings. From feedback we have received, this has been popular with readers. We rely on your contributions, so please keep up the good work!

Peter Dillon-Hooper
Acting Editor

The psychology of scientific thought and behaviour
Gregory J. Feist presents an overview of the emerging subdiscipline

Explaining the unexplained
Richard J. Brown proposes a model of 'medically unexplained' symptoms

Women in leadership - a different story
Maggi Evans asks whether stepping off the traditional career ladder can be a positive and proactive step

Interview: From art to autism
Uta Frith takes Lance Workman on a journey; through her collection of memories

Structure of the BPS; siblings and mental illness; altruism; austerity; denial of impending catastrophe; and more

News and digest
Declaration of Helsinki; Maudsley Debate; self-harm clinical guidelines; educational psychology service provision; event reports; and more

President's column; internet research ethics guidance; influencing NICE consultations; and more

Careers and appointments
Louise Blackmore reflects on the past 15 years of dealing with a unique geographical challenge; Matthew Fish talks about his experiences as a youth worker; and Isabelle Butcher reflects on the value of the third-year placement in her degree course

The usual mix of books and other media reviews, including Future Bright: A Transforming Vision of Human Intelligence by Michael E. Martinez, Jan Diederen's documentary Synchronicity: Meaningful Coincidences and BBC Four's The Dark Matter of Love

Looking back
From Broadmoor Hospital's 150th anniversary Tony Black looks back to how things were in its centenary year, 1963.

One on one
...with Michael J. Proulx


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