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The Psychologist Vol 27 No 12 December 2014

The Psychologist Vol 27 No 12 December 2014

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I have been fortunate to meet many brilliant, inspiring and successful female academics over the years: Uta Frith, Christina Salmivalli and Francesca Happé, to name just a few I would consider 'mentors' and who have appeared in these pages in 2014. I work for a Society with a female President, a female CEO and 75 per cent female membership. Yet despite a significant presence leading some to discuss the 'feminisation' of psychology, women remain heavily underrepresented at the higher levels of academia.

On p.918, Fionnuala Murphy and colleagues call for action. What has helped some women get to the top of their profession, and how can we remove barriers for the next generation?
Nurturing the fresh roots of the discipline is a recurring theme through another packed issue. And while we're talking new beginnings, please browse our relaunched site at Alongside @psychmag on Twitter, it's the complete experience for the membership and beyond.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor @psychmag

Women scientists in psychology - time for action
Fionnuala Murphy, Dorothy Bishop and Natasha Sigala look at a gender imbalance and what can be done to address it

Expectations and destinations
Ian Florance meets people who teach and employ psychologists, to discuss expectations and destinations

Educating Europe
Peter Reddy, Stephan Dutke, Ioulia Papageorgi and Helen Bakker look at how our continental neighbours are nurturing the next generation of psychologists

Psychological literacy - from classroom to real world
Julie Hulme considers the implications of the continued popularity of the subject

What is happening to A-level psychology?
Phil Banyard indicates why we should be worried

New voices: The rise of student consumerism
Nesrin Gokcen with the latest in our series for budding writers

Methods: Conducting research on the internet - a new era
Claire Hewson provides updates on practicalities and possibilities

Gender equality in academic science; fighting Ebola; open access concerns; shiftwork; science writing prizes; CAMHS shortcomings; Samaritans app; and more

President's column; Award for Promoting Equality of Opportunity; Impact portal; Book Award; Society presence at party conferences; and more

Can we have a Happy Christmas?; problem gambling; autism; assisted dying; hallucinogens; 'colour blind' perspectives on abuse; and more

Brain scans and creative writing; publication bias; mate poaching; two more chronotypes; and more, in the latest from our Research Digest blog

The 'master of self-control', Walter Mischel, speaks to Lance Workman about his famous 'Marshmallow Test' and more

We hear from some members of the Society's Special Group in Coaching Psychology, on the 10th anniversary of its inauguration; and Victoria Bourne writes on teaching-focused careers in psychology

One on one
with Rita Jordan (Professor at the University of Birmingham)

including Steven Pinker's style guide; Trust Me, I'm a Doctor; the Secret Footballer; the psychology of babies; tears of a clown; and much more 

Looks back   
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - the sixth level. Hazel Skelsey Guest on the lesser-known aspects of a famous theory

Two years ago   
Go to for our archive, including a special issue on the senses

Big picture pull-out
Photo by Rebecca Jory and words by Menna Price for Swansea University's 'Research as Art' competition


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