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The Psychologist Vol 27 No 4 April 2014

The Psychologist Vol 27 No 4 April 2014

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This month we return to the issue of 'austerity', following last September's 'opinion special'. It remains one of the main political, social and psychological topics of our time, and we have five contributions covering the conditions in which people are learning, living and working. So far, argue the Midlands Psychology Group, psychologists have done little to challenge the dubious scientific assumptions upon which 'austerity programmes' rest. In fact, have they sought to profit from them, 'through the mass promotion of therapies and techniques claimed to counteract the mental and emotional damage wrought by an ever more corrosive world'?

Also in this issue (p.229), we bid a fond farewell to Dr Christian Jarrett, our journalist and Editor of the Society's Research Digest. For more than a decade, Christian has delivered quality to huge audiences, and the Digest is regularly described as a 'genuine game changer' in how psychology is reported, taught and perceived. Quite some legacy: I'm sure we'll be hearing more from him.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor

Charting 'the mind and body economic'
The Midlands Psychology Group introduce a special feature dedicated to the theme of 'austerity'

Austerity in the university
Ian Parker on increasing pressure and emotional labour at work for academics in times of crisis

Inequality and the next generation
Gary Thomas explains how the gradient of difference can impact upon identity in the classroom

Neoliberal austerity and unemployment
David Fryer and Rose Stambe examine critical psychological issues

The impact of austerity on a British council estate
Carl Harris takes an 'ecological model of systems' approach

New voices: Personality - at the heart of health
Páraic Ó Súilleabháin on cardiovascular adaptation and health in the latest in our series for budding writers. See

A new gameplan for psychological science; young female power; cognitive therapy; confidence intervals; vampire symposium; and more

President's Column; BPS Scotland; Health and Care Professions Council; and more

The 'stressed sex' debate continues; call for formation of a Royal College of Psychologists; Putin - the naked truth; dementia; and more

The 'youth bias', the eccentricity/art relationship, and our farewell to Christian, in the latest from our free Research Digest (see

Against bullying: Christina Salmivalli (University of Turku, Finland) talks to our Editor Jon Sutton about her new approach to an age-old issue

We talk to Richard Bidder about his work for occupational psychology consultancy Catalyst; and Christopher Hunt tells us about volunteering in Sri Lanka

One on one
with Stephen J. Ceci, Professor of Developmental Psychology at Cornell University

The usual mix of books and other media reviews, including The Silence of Animals, trauma and creativity online guide, Psychology, Mental Health and Distress, building a virtual brain, and True Detective

Looks back
PsyBorgs on the loose!
Christopher D. Green and his team are taking the history of psychology into the digital realm, producing surprising insights

One year ago
Go to for our archive, including our special issue on humour, comedy and laughter (April 2013)

Big picture centre-page pull-out
Crudely erased adults: A.R. Hopwood's false memory archive

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