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The Psychologist Vol 27 No 5 May 2014

The Psychologist Vol 27 No 5 May 2014

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Dancing Mice. Aimless Mules. Traps. No, it's not a zoo which has got out of hand: these are just three of the many bands featuring psychologists I discovered during the writing of this month's cover feature. And that's just the half of it: who knew that founding members of both Simple Minds and The The are now academic psychologists?

Could this musical menagerie help me in my quest to become a guitar hero (or at least string four chords together)? Can psychological research provide shortcuts, or do I simply have to find 10,000 practice hours from somewhere? And if stardom is out of the question, might playing an instrument at least help me become a better psychologist? See p.320 to find out, and if you are a 'psychologist who rocks' we have missed then do pipe up.

Elsewhere, may I draw your attention to the article on living with severe food allergy. My eldest son experienced anaphylactic shock when he was three; it was terrifying, and his and our lives have never been the same since. Find out how psychologists can help on p.334.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor


For those psychologists about to rock... we salute you
With a little help from his friends, our Editor Jon Sutton looks for shortcuts to musical expertise.

Is video game violence bad?
What a ridiculous question, says Christopher J. Ferguson. Surely there is a way out of this endless cycle of research and moralising?

Are we all paranoid?
Lyn Ellett and Tim Wildschut consider evidence of paranoia in non-clinical populations

Methods: Science in the wild
Tom Dickins looks to an island off the north Devon coast to liberate the imaginations of his students

Living with severe food allergy
Kathryn Evans and Khadj Rouf look at the psychological challenges for children and adults

'You may say I'm a dreamer...'
Michèle Birtel looks at using psychotherapeutic techniques to fight prejudice and stigma

New voices: Reflections on writing my first textbook
Betty Rudd with the latest in our series news

New MindEd site launched; Wellcome prizes; Who's driving brain research?; new academicians; funding news; toying with psychology; and more society

The final President's column from Richard Mallows; technical support in psychological research; and an update from the Branch network letters

The dyslexia debate; the fall and rise of the NHS; alternatives to psychology; active procrastination; self-publishing; journalism and trauma; and more

Inflated praise, views of women in the workplace, and stress and public speaking in the latest from our free Research Digest (see

'Dance psychologist' Peter Lovatt (University of Hertfordshire) talks to Gail Kinman

We talk to Antonia Bifulco, Head of the Psychology Department at Middlesex University as well as co-Director of the Centre for Abuse and Trauma Studies; and Belinda Hemingway examines her path in health psychology

One on one
With Lois Holzman, Director, East Side Institute for Group and Short Term Psychotherapy, New York

Including the Beyond Seizures exhibition, burnout in sport, What the Thunder Said, the Noba Project, Horizon - 'Living with autism'; and much more in our bumper reviews section

Looks back... every believer is also a disbeliever
Peter Lamont on what witches and dead people can tell us about extraordinary beliefs

Six years ago
Go to for our archive, including Miles Thomas 'On vines and minds'

Big picture
Max Roberts is going underground using schematic maps


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