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The Psychologist Vol 28 No 1 January 2015

The Psychologist Vol 28 No 1 January 2015

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I believe it was all-round raconteur Stephen Fry who once said 'Christmas is a time for saying that Christmas is a time for doing things that one should, frankly, be doing anyway. "Christmas is a time for considering people less fortunate than ourselves." Oh, July and August aren't, is that it?' Nevertheless, I hope that you find the time this festive break to read Graham Pluck's thoughtful piece on street children, as a British psychologist living and working in South America (see p.20). And, as ever, how we can help the mentally vulnerable is on the agenda, with John Cromby and Vaughan Bell taking part in our first 'head to head' in aeons on p.34.

Our main aim is to serve as a genuine forum for debate, and we hope that our relaunched website will increase engagement with our readers and beyond. Take a break from the Christmas TV and have a look - there has been lots of exclusive and multimedia content, including chef Heston Blumenthal on his work with psychologists. Just imagine their multisensory festive feast... we hope you enjoy yours.  

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor @psychmag


The 'street children' of Latin America    
Graham Pluck with a story of challenge and survival for millions of young children worldwide

The 'strange death' of radical behaviourism
Freddy Jackson Brown and Duncan Gillard argue that it has a fundamental role to play in psychology making a difference in society

Mindfulness in psychology - a breath of fresh air?
Edo Shonin, William Van Gordon and Mark Griffiths consider the evidence

New voices: Stubbing out smoking in schizophrenia
Theodore Lloyd with the latest in our series for budding writers

Speaking out on the 'replication crisis'; big data; the Mind Media Awards; neuroscience on the stage; a decade of Mind Hacks; have we overdosed?; Psychology4Students; and more

President's column; Practitioner of the Year; new Discovery Service, and more

Tackling child sexual abuse; assisted dying; Maslow - triangle or ladder?; terror porn; New Year's resolutions; Leslie Reid (1924-2014); and Hazel Dewart (1949-2014)

Head to head
Are understandings of mental illness mired in the past? John Cromby thinks so; Vaughan Bell disagrees

Learning, empathy, happiness at work, gut instinct, and more, in the latest from our free Research Digest (see

Daryl O'Connor talks to Gail Kinman about being a twin, stress and health, and the influence of conscientiousness

We talk to Fiona Price about putting a background in psychology to use in diverse settings, and Captain Duncan Precious gives his personal reflections on a unique role as a uniformed clinical psychologist in the Army

One on one 
With Aleks Krotoski, writer, broadcaster and social psychologist

A visit to the Institute of Sexology; How to Build a Girl; Serial, the podcast; '1 in 4' on All in the Mind; Broadmoor; Great Myths of the Brain (for an exclusive extract, see 'Reviews' at; The Paedophile Next Door; and more

Looks back    
The line between conformity and resistance: another take on Solomon Asch's famous line judgement tasks, from Jolanda Jetten and Matthew J. Hornsey

20 years ago    
Go to for our complete archive, including adoption

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Photo and artwork by Cigdem Esin


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