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The Psychologist Vol 29 No 12 December 2016

The Psychologist Vol 29 No 12 December 2016

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Next month, The Psychologist is reborn. We emerged from the Bulletin of the British Psychological Society 29 years ago, and have been through several regenerations since. The last time, in 2008, I put 'retirement' on the cover of the final issue in the old style. This time, as we head towards perhaps more significant change, it's ageing and emotion.

In that article (p.908), I was struck by the lines 'as time horizons shrink with increasing age, shifts in motivational goals typically ensue. This leads to greater investment in social relationships and, subsequently, an enhanced appreciation of life.' Finding parallels with our own lifespan development, I pondered a growing investment in and appreciation of our social relationships with you, the readers. To an even greater extent than most publications, we simply couldn't do this without you. So thank you, and please do reach out over this issue, how you might contribute in the future, and your reaction when that old but new friend pops through your door next month.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor


A maturing picture of emotion
Louisa Lawrie and Louise H. Phillips on how we process emotions in ourselves and others as we age

A revolution for the at-risk
Emily J.H. Jones and Mark H. Johnson make the case for early intervention for neurodevelopmental disorders

The trouble with girls?
Gina Rippon asks why plastic brains aren't breaking through glass ceilings

New voices: Planned behaviour - stagnation or evolution?
Tom St Quinton looks at the classic theory and alternatives


Progressive prison evaluated; police interviewing; therapy dogs; new Fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences; and more


Gaining momentum for honesty around mental health; support proposed Sections of the British Psychological Society; making educational psychology more visible; migratory grief; 'good enough' psychologist parents; President's Letter; and more

Opinion: entangled in an ethical maze
Sergio Della Sala and Roberto Cubelli argue that NHS ethics committees hamper ethics

Mindfulness and the brain; walking; reading literary fiction; and more, in the latest from our free Research Digest (see


5 minutes with...
We meet Karen Carr

Interview: 'Find your dyslexic people and nurture them'
We meet Rod Nicolson (University of Sheffield)

Two contrasting perspectives on voluntary placements overseas, from Thomas Campbell and Megan Prowse

One on one
with Siân Jones, Teaching Fellow in Psychology at Goldsmiths University of London


Books, National Treasure, and Albert Bandura on Eye in the Sky

Looks back

Schreber the plaything
Novelist Alex Pheby on the 'most written about document in all psychiatric literature'

Big picture
Centre-page pull-out portraits of pain, with Karen Rodham


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