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The Psychologist Vol 29 No 4 April 2016

The Psychologist Vol 29 No 4 April 2016

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Ben Alderson-Day's fascinating article on feelings of presence (see p.272) provides my monthly tortured segue, this time into a consideration of you readers as 'the silent companions'.

Sometimes on The Psychologist it can feel like we're shouting into the void, so over the last few months it has been comforting to hear a response. First, around 1800 of you completed our readership survey... still a small percentage of the Society membership, but plenty of food for thought. On the previous spread I report on the findings and what we are doing to address some of them.

Then in February we launched The Psychologist app (see inside front cover), and after all that work it was so rewarding to see that thousands of you were downloading it. It's designed to fit with our existing systems and resources, and mostly with Society members in mind, so please do grab it, review and rate in the stores, share it and let us know what you think. I know you're there: don't be silent! Our development - print and digital - is driven by your voices.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor


The silent companions
Ben Alderson-Day considers explanations for 'feelings of presence'

Walking the radical talk
Alexander J. Bridger introduces psychogeographical psychology

Rorschach audio - art and illusion for sound
Joe Banks on psychoacoustics, bereavement and the public understanding of science

Welcome to 'blogademia'
Daniel Jolley, Fleur-Michelle Coiffait and Emma L. Davies on purpose, positives and pitfalls

New voices: Having faith in mind
Yeni Adewoye with the latest in our series for budding writers


Science and magic; elderly drivers; the forward view in mental health; exploring psychologies of ageing; Society awards; starting a conversation on A level psychology; and more


'Boarding school syndrome'; representativeness of psychologists; Derren Brown and the edge of ethics; coping with negative reviews; finding a path to peace; Hans Eysenck; unpleasant reactions to music; obituaries; President's Letter; and much more


Untranslatable words; working memory training to beat anxiety; home crowds and refereeing decisions; lucid dreaming; and more, in the latest from our free Research Digest (see


5 minutes with...
We talk to Anna Sallis about using 'nudges' to change prescribing behaviour

Anna Cox takes Lance Workman through her life in human-computer interaction

We talk to Ron Davie about his interdisciplinary life; Shalini Raman reflects on some valuable professional and personal experience; and Naoimh Fox explains how she is pursuing her dream career despite hearing loss

One on one
with Andrew Dunn, Nottingham Trent University


The BBC 'In the Mind' series; Applied Leadership Development; The Philosophy and Psychology of Loneliness; The X-Files; musical performances in Changing Minds; The Man Without A Shadow; and more

Looks back

Opium and the people
Joanna Moncrieff examines the socio-economic history of psychoactive drug use

Four years ago
Go to for our archive, including the person in psychological science

Big picture

Centre-page pull-out 'H.M.' and procedural memory: words by artist Kerry Tribe for a Wellcome Collection installation


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