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The Psychologist Vol 29 No 8 August 2016

The Psychologist Vol 29 No 8 August 2016

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There's a strong theme of 'the arts' this month, from the main articles to our 'Big picture', 'Careers' and 'Looking back' pieces. On p.630 you'll find the top three in our poetry competition, which attracted more than 50 entries. And on our website you can read a book extract from Charles Fernyhough, on inner voices and the creative muse.

In my mind, the arts have always sat well alongside science in psychology and in The Psychologist. I think one of the most gratifying aspects of our development in recent years has been increasing coverage of psychology in its many cultural overlaps: plays, films, novels, music and more. Much of this is collected at and you can find regular opportunities to contribute by following us on Twitter @psychmag.

We are currently planning a major overhaul of our 'Reviews' coverage, alongside a wider redesign. We will need your views and your contributions more than ever. Do get in touch to help us write the story of our next decade.

Dr Jon Sutton, Managing Editor [email protected]


Behind the masks
William Todd Schultz offers a psychobiography primer

Heroes and villains
Drama hinges on the characters we love, or love to hate. What's their secret? asks David Robson

Off the beaten track
Ron Roberts argues for a critical take on modernity, through the work of Svetlana Boym

'You must be joking' - 007 in the lab and academia
With a proper psychologist making an appearance in the latest film, Neil Martin looks at how and why scientists have studied the secret agent

'I do not know you but we are intimate, you and I'
Katina Offord wins our second annual poetry competition, with Paul Camic in second and Christina Richards third

Psychology in the honours; innovation in psychology teaching; Pint of Science; child sexual abuse; Cheltenham Science Festival; All in the Mind awards; and more


Revolution in the air?; Orlando and 'othering' discourses; school skirt bans; socialising with work colleagues; President's Letter; and more

Brexit poll
We sought your psychologically informed opinion on the EU referendum result; you responded in droves (more on our website)

Stacey A. Bedwell on why research using animals is important in psychology


Parental beliefs about failure; pedestrian behaviour; '10,000 hours' debunked again?; what makes our work meaningful?; and more, in the latest from our free Research Digest (see


The co-founder of acceptance and commitment therapy, Kirk Strosahl, talks to Kal Kseib about his approach

We talk to Naomi Hynd, about psychology and acting; and Lucia Giombini on the quest for identity in recovery from eating disorders

One on one
With Paul Dolan, Professor of Behavioural Science at LSE


Lose Weight for Love; Freud; the Musical Mental Health Cabaret; and more

Looks back

A door to minds and emotions
Derek Collett looks at the life and psychological novels of Nigel Balchin

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Big picture
'Art is the process of memory': Nicky Clayton and Clive Wilkins on their collaboration as Professor of Comparative Cognition and University of Cambridge 'artist-in-residence' respectively


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