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Wessex Psychologist Bulletin Special Issue 17 Spring 2020

Wessex Psychologist Bulletin Special Issue 17 Spring 2020

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Quick Overview

The publication of the Wessex Branch of the British Psychological Society. A Special Edition containing abstracts from Wessex Branch
half-day conference and reports from Wessex Branch's Tony Gale Memorial 2019 prize winners



Chair's Column
Sarah Twist

Editor's column
Emma Palmer-Cooper

News and events

Wessex Branch half-day conference report 2019

Wessex Branch half-day conference abstracts 2019

Wessex Branch Tony Gale Memorial Prize 2019

BPS Wessex Branch Tony Gale Memorial Prize

Tony Gale Memorial Prize Winners

Soaring in nature: The effect of bird wildlife within natural environments on feelings of restoration and wellbeing
Jessica Green

Parenting characteristics and school stress: Examining their relationship with paediatric non-clinical inflated responsibility beliefs
Lauren Budd

Judgements of sexual consent and the language of the eyes: An eye-tracking study
Sofia Alves Branco

'That's what friends are for': A phenomenological study of friendship in the final year of university
Clare Louise Meeson

The influence of positive affect on the attentional blink: A replication of Olivers and Nieuwenhuis (2006)
Victoria Beesley

An investigation into the similarity between friends' mood and lifestyle choices
Megan Heraty

Making empathy appealing to narcissists
Michalina Siemiatkowska

Maintaining meat consumption: Exploring the role of exposure to animal suffering on perceptions of pain-sensitivity and moral status in animals we consume and those we keep as pets
Sarah Smith

In the midst of gorillas: Determining the effect of inhibition on inattentional blindness
Joseph Benbow

Investigating pupillary response, sexual appeal, and age estimation of age ambiguous stimuli
Natasha Vann Baker

Non-coercive intelligence gathering: Evaluating the effectiveness of two frame-adapted, and non-framed, persuasive interview techniques
Sarah Hurdman

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