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Work-Life Balance Bulletin: A DOP Publication Volume 3, No. 2 Winter 2019

Work-Life Balance Bulletin: A DOP Publication Volume 3, No. 2 Winter 2019

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Quick Overview

The Division of Occupational Psychology Work-Life Balance Bulletin is a publication reporting on projects that the Work-Life Balance Working Group undertake.




Message from the Co-Chairs
Almuth McDowall & Gail Kidman

Message from the Editor
Roxane L. Gervais

Featured articles

  • The Work-Life Balance Bulletin announces a new international editorial board
  • Personality and the 'always-on' culture
    Nikhita Blackburn & Helen Rayner

New and emerging research

Personality and working in the gig economy: A review
Joh Foster

Promoting work-life balance

Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award Winner for 2019
Stephen Wood

Interesting snippets

Conference and seminar reviews

'Putting work in its place' collaborative series of talks. Report on the inaugural workshop: 22 May 2019, Dublin
Terri Morrissey

Conference announcements

Personal reflections: Assessing work and life
Jennifer Webster

Postgraduate Corner

Work family conflict, family work conflict and occupational stressors in female academics: The mediating role of coping and career satisfaction
Kelly Warwicker, Wendy Nicholls & Debbie Stevens Gill

Book Reviews

#Upcycle your job - The smart way to balance family life and career Anna Meller
Reviewed by Svenja Schlachter

The Work-Family Interface: Spillover, Complications, and Challenges Sampson Lee Blair and Josip Obradović (Eds.)
Reviewed by Eleanor Thorne


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