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QMiP Bulletin Issue 9 May 2010

QMiP Bulletin Issue 9 May 2010

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Quick Overview

The Qualitative Methods in Psychology Section Bulletin comes out twice a year and includes forthcoming events, reviews of conferences of interest to qualitative psychologists, stories of new initiatives for raising the profile of qualitative methods, research reports, book reviews and more.




Victoria Tischler

Message from the chair
Anna Madill

Myspace or Myhealth? Exploring the ways online social networking sites influence health
Sarah McCormack

The self-self relationship in qualitative psychology
Paul Sullivan

Getting qualitative research funded
Kathryn Kinmond

Most Significant Change technique: The value of storytelling cross culturally in assessing psychosocial programmes
Lynne McCormack

Using the signifier 'psychosocial': Practice, theory and research
Timothy Gomersall

Encouraging the use of archived collections in methods teaching
Bethany Morgan & Dimitris Vonofakos

3rd International Conference for Qualitative Research in Sport & Exercise
Irina Roncaglia

The National Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) Conference 2009
Christine Mullan-Jensen

Feminisms, the Professions and the Psychology of Women
Erica Burman

Book Reviews

Additional Information