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Social Psychological Review Vol 10 No 1 August 2008

Social Psychological Review Vol 10 No 1 August 2008

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Quick Overview

Social Psychological Review, the periodical of the Social Psychology Section, aims to provide a forum for the dissemination of empirical research papers, theoretical work, and reviews on key topics and issues of interest to the social psychological community; and also to provide a channel for news and information about people, events, and publications that may be of interest to social psychologists.




A Word from the Editor
Abigail Locke

Hermeneutics and social psychology: Making links between theory and practice
Jonathan A. Smith

THE INTERVIEW: Putting the social back into psychology
Abigail Locke in conversation with W. Peter Robinson

The hidden routes of antiquarian psychology
Abigail Locke in conversation with Michael Billig

Short Reports: Research and Pedagogy

Reflections on the ethics of interviewing convicted sex offenders
Belinda Winder & Nick Blagden

Teaching IPA: Emphasising intuition over theory
Rowena Hill & Viv Brunsden

A comment on aggression research in sports
Gordon Russell


A Word from the Chairs
Kevin McKee & Diane Houston, Co-Chairs, Social Psychology Section

Postgraduate Column: Poster Traumatic Stress Syndrome
Karina Williams

Conference reports

  • Social Psychology Section Conference 2007
  • British Psychological Society Annual Conference, Social Psychology Stream

Book Reviews

Additional Information