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Social Psychological Review Vol 21 No 1 Spring 2019

Social Psychological Review Vol 21 No 1 Spring 2019

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of social psychology.




A word from the Editors
Laura K. Taylor & Shelley McKeown Jones

Chair Column
Clifford Stott

Early career corner

Overcoming challenges of funding a PhD programme
Melissa Pavetich

Research spotlight – Hackers gonna hack: Investigating the effect of group processes and social identities within online hacking communities
Helen Thackray

Member profile
Kesi Mahendran

Report on the Social Psychology Section Pump Priming Grant – Children’s understanding of conflict-related group markers
Laura K. Taylor, Jocelyn Dautel, Risa Rylander, Ana Tomovska Misoska, Edona Maloku Berdyna, Irene Apfeld & Lipaz Shamoa-Nir


Using social psychology to support refugees in the UK
Simon Goodman


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