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Sport & Exercise Psychology Review Vol 7 No 2 September 2011

Sport & Exercise Psychology Review Vol 7 No 2 September 2011

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of Sport & Exercise Psychology




Iain Greenlees

Obituary: Dr Roger Mace
Marc Jones

Conference Highlights

Fit or sit? Is there a psychology of sedentary behaviour?
Stuart Biddle

Performing under pressure: What can we learn from football penalty shootouts?
Geir Jordet

Sport psychology delivery to British sailing: The first 20 years
Ian Maynard

Children's conceptualisations of well- and ill-being: Summary of a qualitative inquiry and initial development of a multi-dimensional measure of children's well- and ill-being
Samantha Bracey, Eleanor Quested & Joan L. Duda

Self-determination theory and the darker side of athletic experience: The role of interpersonal control and need thwarting
Kimberley Bartholomew, Nikos Ntoumanis & Cecilie Thøgersen-Ntoumani

Final conference thoughts...
Iain Greenlees

Original Articles

Social support and psychological responses in sport-injury rehabilitation
Ian Mitchell

Wii-learning: Using Active Video Games to enhance the learning experience of undergraduate sport psychology students
Andrew Manley & Lisa Whitaker

Comment on Manley & Whitaker
Natalie Walker

Reflections on consulting in elite youth male English cricket and soccer academies
Jamie Barker, Paul McCarthy & Chris Harwood

Comment on Barker, McCarthy & Harwood
Tim Holder

Comment on Barker, McCarthy & Harwood
David Tod

Student Members (Editor: Sarah Wood)

Reflections on the Psychology Conversion Course
Mustafa Sarkar

Workshop Review: Two-day Masterclass in Sport Psychology
Natalie Walker

DSEP Chair's Report
Ian Maynard

Additional Information