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The Bulletin of the Faculty of People with Intellectual Disabilities Vol 14 No. 2 August 2016

The Bulletin of the Faculty of People with Intellectual Disabilities Vol 14 No. 2 August 2016

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Quick Overview

The newsletter is a publication to keep clinical psychologists working in the field of learning disability informed about:

  • Faculty and other relevant Society activities;

  • innovative practice changes in statutory provision and legislation related to people with intellectual disabilities;

  • latest research; and

  • training courses, events and conferences

It also provides a means for clinical psychologists, trainees and assistants to make contact with colleagues working with similar issues or projects.




Sandra Baum

Chair's Column
Julian Morris

FPID News column
Laura Phalp, Katrina Scior & Kate Theodore

Psychological therapies and people who have intellectual disabilities: A new report from the Faculties for People who have Intellectual Disabilities of the British Psychological Society and the Royal College of Psychiatrists
Nigel Beail

Shahid, 'the peacock' and 'the tiger': A collection of stories explored in narrative therapy about 'being a good man', 'confidence' and 'trying hard'
Emma Micallef-Konewko & Sandra Baum

Who needs friends? Review of a friendships and relationships group pilot
Rosanne Cawley, Jenna Westbrook, Lucy Shattock & Jill McGarry

'The newspaper group': A psychology-led open group in an inpatient unit for adults with intellectual disabilities
Samuel Coe & Esther Wilcox

The clinical challenges of introducing a new behaviour monitoring tool in a residential service for people with autism and learning disabilities
Debbie Coton, Stacey Parker & Sara Da Silva Ramos

A comparison of the estimated prevalence of dementia in adults with Down's syndrome with the recorded cases in Hyndburn and Ribble Valley
Adam Postlethwaite, Isobel Lamb & Clare Brown

Abstract of Clinical Psychology 2015 Doctoral Thesis - The transition into adulthood for children with a severe intellectual disability: parents' views
Sanchia Biswas, University of Nottingham, UK

Division of Clinical Psychology - Faculty for Intellectual Disabilities Response to NHS England Service Model for Commissioners of Health and Social Care Services - Supporting people with a learning disability and/or autism who display behaviour that challenges, including those with a mental health condition


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