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The Bulletin of the Faculty of People with Intellectual Disabilities Vol 15 No. 3 December 2017

The Bulletin of the Faculty of People with Intellectual Disabilities Vol 15 No. 3 December 2017

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Quick Overview

The newsletter is a publication to keep clinical psychologists working in the field of learning disability informed about:

  • Faculty and other relevant Society activities;

  • innovative practice changes in statutory provision and legislation related to people with intellectual disabilities;

  • latest research; and

  • training courses, events and conferences

It also provides a means for clinical psychologists, trainees and assistants to make contact with colleagues working with similar issues or projects.




Sandra Baum

Chair's Column
Judith Samuel

Allan Skelly

How to become a national assessor in the specialism of learning disabilities
Sandra Baum

Remembering Sabrina Halliday (1955-2015)
Lorna Robbins

Tribute to Sabrina Halliday
Jason Crabtree

Tribute to Sabrina Halliday
Jodi Pitt

Systemic consultation in a specialist community intellectual disabilities service
Natasha Woodward, Kerry Clarke & Nina Viljoen

Ability and the graces: Dancing gracefully (or not) around difference - reflections on the meaning of ability
Sarah Coles

Learning from people with learning disabilities: Invoking reciprocity
Henrik E. Lynggaard

'I am a failure, quiet like a mouse with no good qualities': Adapting the Tree of Life method to work with an individual with learning disabilities diagnosed with schizophrenia and her network of support
Aleksandra Laszczynska & Lorna Robbins

The Race of Life: Adapting the 'Tree of Life' methodology with a man with learning and physical disabilities
Claire Binnie & Mark Cayzer

How to end therapeutic work with people with learning disabilities using outsider witnessing practices
Sandra Baum

Faculty for People with Intellectual Disabilities Annual Conference, Glasgow, 21-22 March 2018

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